Completion Agreement Form

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On the ERA page you will find the appropriate ERA template for the apprenticeship or internship sector, as well as other information on the ERA guidelines. A change of qualification due to the succession of the current qualification – please use the ATF-028 qualification form. This form is used to inform the department of a temporary transfer of a training contract from one employer to another. It is only necessary if the new employer assumes all the obligations arising from the training contract. Notice to TRAINING ORGANIZATIONS: Ensure that all pages of the application form are made available to the apprentice, as he or she must read the terms and conditions of the travel and accommodation grants before signing the application form. This form is used by the employer to ask the department to temporarily suspend the training contract for a sentence of 30 days. This form is used by trainees and trainees to apply for travel and accommodation grants when they are undergoing off-company training with their supervising registered training organisations. Visit the Travel and Accommodation Scholarships page for the conditions of participation. If YES, use all parties` request for permanent transfer ATF-039 and the proposed new employer form (PDF, 195KB) or (DOCX, 126KB) – version 8, November 2019 This form is used by employers declared a prohibited employer under the Further Education and Training Act 2014 to ask the department to revoke this decision. This form can be used to complete electrical learning instead of ATF-011. This combined form has two purposes: this form is used by apprentices and apprentices whose training contracts have been terminated and who wish to apply for State aid to continue their training in the same qualification as their training organisation. This form is used to ask the department to terminate the training contract for an apprenticeship or internship if both parties agree. copies of exported investor letters, as attached to Annex D if such an investor letter is required, as defined by the songwriter; and (t) executed copies of the true-up agreement, acquisition agreement, declaration of acceptance, agreement of conclusion, continuous disclosure agreement and assignment of warranties.

This form is used by a trainee or apprentice, an employer or an SRTO to ask the department to change the way the training plan is made available. This form is used by school trainees to inform the department of a difference in the number of working days calculated by the department. The number of working days must be correct to ensure correct allocation of QCE credits. This form can be used to apply for a graduation certificate from the department if the supervising Registered Training Organization (RSTO) has ceased its activities as a Registered Training Organization (RTO) prior to the signing of a final agreement by the parties and the SRTO. Please answer the following question, based on your current situation, to make sure you get the right form. This form is used to inform the department of a minor change in the training contact, for example. B: This form is used to inform the department of the sale of the employer company, the termination of the employer partnership or a change in the legal name of the employer. . .