Tax Client Service Agreement

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TIMING OF WORK: The timing of this commitment is crucial. Unless otherwise stated, as stated in the “Special Circumstances” section below, completion of this work is expected on or before the notification date. The work as part of this commitment begins with the signing and delivery of the contract and the payment of the invoice online. The completion date of the work depends in large part on the date of transmission of the requested information. I will provide written information on the expected completion of the work date, audit date and filing date. I will also provide written information on any changes to the expected data within 48 hours of such a change. D) FEES AND PAYMENTFEE: The tax will be disclosed separately in an electronic invoice from me which, by reference, will be part of this Agreement. In the event that the work schedule is changed, the fee may be increased by agreement to include a surcharge during the precipitation periods that typically occur before reporting times. A product return form is a good way to measure how good (or bad) you do as a business. With this sample product questionnaire, you will find a large number of frequently asked questions. In this product survey form, your respondents are asked how long they use your products/services, how you compete with other competitors, how you compete with the products/services offered, and a few more related to the overall experience they have had. EARLY END OF ENGAGEMENT: If any of us are experiencing unexpected difficulties in carrying out the tasks under this agreement, we may choose to terminate this commitment by a written notification prior to the period described above in the “End of Commitment” section. There may be a reason for early resignation or not, and we can see that dismissal for no reason is in our collective interest to avoid further conflicts.

In the event of early termination, the engagement fee is reduced to half the amount described in the “Fees” section above. All work will be completed in place of termination and the provisions in the “Work to Do” section above will no longer apply. We both recognize that these simple provisions of this “Early End of Engagement” section must be used as a compromise agreement previously agreed upon to resolve a potentially distressing situation in the event of unforeseen circumstances. STATEMENTS OF WORK All tax benefits we provide must be described in a work statement. Each working statement provides details on the nature of the work and the expected results. Our services are limited to the services specifically described in this statement of work. Our agreement to provide services as part of a certain declaration of work does not require us to provide other services as part of another work statement. CLIENT RESPONSIBILITIES You are responsible for providing us with all requested financial and other documents and related information in a timely manner; the agreement that all essential information will be communicated to us; and to ensure that we have the full cooperation of the staff involved during each engagement to assist in the fulfillment of the services and work declarations referred to in this MSA. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY In Suggestion We have agreed on a fair distribution of risk between us, recognizing the risks and benefits that come with it for you and our company. As such, all parties agree to limit our company`s liability to you for all claims, losses, costs and damages of any kind, so that the audit firm`s total liability to the client does not exceed three times the fees paid to our company for the services provided under the current work statement. Regardless of the above, you are not responsible to the extent that a competent court definitively determines that such losses, etc.