Ua Local 170 Collective Agreement

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Here are some of the collective agreements that cover our members. Members will find a copy of these agreements in the Members only section, under special messages. Out-province/Canada Travel Medial Emergency Insurance To be clear: Plumbers Local 170 – Welfare Plan Columbia Hydrostruct Conors – Allied Hydro Council Plumbers Local 170 Welfare and Pension Plans provides pension and health benefits to rights holders and their families. Provides active local financial assistance to 170 members if they have received a subpoena and/or have been selected to account for the jury`s obligation. SUB Benefits Plan: For your hours Bank amount or any other request regarding the collection of SUB Benefits Plan, please contact Local 170 Union Office at: Phone: 604.526.0441 or free: 1.888.223.7711 or click here for your website. Offers benefits for 170 eligible local members and their dependants. Please note that the Union Hall and the Charity Plan have similar formulations for online payments. Provides a monthly income form for members of Local 170, after retirement and help help their spouse after their death.