Xfinity 2 Year Agreement

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That is what happened to me. I was a comcast client for appx. 30 years and always call for a “deal” when a contract is in progress. I signed a contract (2 years) for appx in February 2019. $182.00 per month. (Cable, Internet, landline) I even asked when I signed, if I could count on that amount to be able to put it into my budget. I`m disabled and I live on Social Security. Every penny counts. “Oh yes, give or take a dollar or two your bill should be in the $182-185 zone for 2 years.” My last bill jumped from about $182 to $201.90. I was pissed and I made the mistake of losing my temperament on the phone with them. I`ve never had my bill jump so much when under contract, but certainly enough, (as Kevin said) this time, after the first year, it jumped nearly 20 dollars.

Business is business, but Comcast ?…. If I could unload them, I`d do it in a heart BEAT. You are sneaky… And greedy. What a way to do business. We were very lucky to make a deal when Comcast`s local sales reps are making door-to-door visits to our neighborhood. Unfortunately, it only appears about once a year when competitors knock on doors and try to get owners to change, but local salespeople are generally much easier to manage. BECAUSE WE DO! lolol you have made the ultimate decision to go where you want, depending on your needs, but you threaten to cancel is quite correct with me! Fortunately, we can`t say smooth remark on the recorded line, because I`d say “DO you want me to send you a gift?” haha.the pricing is what it is, and yes with a 2 year agreement and/or upgrading its cheaper for a while until the business has a rate increase. But if you`re an existing customer on a TP pref and your promo expires, you don`t think you can have another one for another 2 years. ITS A BUSINESS STILL AT THE END OF THE DAY! How do I make money by paying $50 a month? Were money to lose at the end of the day if we continue, that`s why it is not an option. If you want to be downgraded to reduce your bill, I`m sure you won`t be a problem. But to keep what you have hell.

Pay for this bread or go see someone else#Simple A few years ago, I bought a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. It`s working very well. I also have my own Wi-Fi router. Thank you for an article so refreshing and hopeful. I wanted to offer some knowledge and background, since I worked 3 years for the local telephone company (Verizon, before it was sold to become Frontier). I am very familiar with comcasts (and other) guidelines, conservation functions, and wanted to talk about it. today, but has taken a different approach. I have a Triple Plus Gaming Group For 189.95 plus the monthly equipment rate is 222.89 before taxes. I called to say I was going to withdraw the phone service. The agent told me I was in a price package. I came out of the price of the package for over a year. After informing the agent, it was like we can offer you to keep everything it is for 149.95 that save $40 to $45 a month.

I was fine. That`s how we can do it. Save me $480 for the year 🙂 I just used some of your techniques to try to reduce my rating.